What to Pack When Going Camping

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The majority of people choose camping as an option for their annual summer family holiday because of the price and the freedom it allows them. Although the key to a good camping holiday is to be free and easy, there’s also a lot to be said for being well organised and packing everything you need. After all, there’s little more stressful than having to find a shop to stop at close to the camp site or sitting down to an evening cooking session only to realise you’ve forgotten a must-have item.

As well as the obvious camper van complete with your comprehensive campervan insurance there are there are certain items which you are sure to need wherever you’re camping and however long for:


It almost seems too ridiculous to mention it but let’s face it without a tent, you’re unlikely to have a good experience and you’d probably be surprised to learn about the number of people who rock up to the campsite with everything they need but the canvas. Whilst you’re packing the tent, don’t forget extra pegs, a mallet and any additional compartments or covers your tent has or needs

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping under the stars is extremely romantic but unless you’re lucky with weather, environment and animal activity, the chances are that you’d prefer to be locked in the tent and cosy in a sleeping bag once bedtime hits. With that in mind, don’t forget a sleeping bag, mat, and anything you wish to use as a pillow.

Cooking Equipment

The whole idea of a camping experience is to cook your own food over a tiny stove. There’s no taste like camp food and you won’t get it anywhere else. However, you certainly won’t get the campfire experience unless you’re well prepared so it’s a great idea to make sure you have a stove, any fuel, a lighter or matches, an appropriate pan and any utensils you need for cooking.

Whilst you’re remembering that, don’t forget food and groceries. It’s a good idea for the safety of any animals and other campers to forget tins and anything which might litter or damage the local environment and it’s also a good idea to forget anything too ambitious. Don’t forget, this is basic rations; not Masterchef.


Whether you’re going for a night or a weekend, you’ll soon forget the mod-cons of home along with all the handy tools you take for granted. With that in mind, the Swiss Army Knife is the camping companion to end all camping companions. Whether you need to open a can, retrieve a splinter or open a cold bottle to enjoy under the stars, the Swiss Army Knife is a great, compact and ideal tool. Additionally make sure your camper van has all the necessary tools in case it runs into trouble.

Little Secrets

There are certain tips which only experienced campers know about. Whilst a novice might try to spend hours folding a sleeping bag into a neat roll, only to find that it won’t fit – an experienced camper knows that the best way is to stuff it in and hope for the best.

They also know the benefits of powdered milk (which you might normally turn your nose up at) and toilet roll – which many campsites do not provide. Don’t discount the importance of baby wipes either as these will fulfil a variety of duties but take up a fraction of the room.

Charles Reybrack is a freelance writer whol loves the outdoors. He specialises in consumer issues, such as finding the best campervan insurance.

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